A pretty photo at sunset speaks to the soul, but great copywriting speaks to the mind.

Where is the school located? Is it better than the others nearby? Are there breakfast or after-school clubs? Who is the headteacher? Will my child be happy?

A photo or league table can’t answer those questions.

Our copywriting service aims to convince a parent to take action – to choose your school.

Good content educates and builds a rapport with your audience – to create trust by giving readers something useful. That’s why your descriptions, staff bios and key messages become an important space to showcase that you are welcoming, considerate, and care – truly – about providing a great learning environment.

Your words should show your school’s personality – and speak the language of your target audience.

If you’d like to know more about how our copywriting service can benefit your next prospectus please get in-touch to discuss your requirements.

Award-winning journalist Barry Hunt has 22 years’ experience writing and editing magazines, newspapers and websites. The father-of-two has produced articles and marketing material for many leading state and independent schools.