Prospectus-money-back-guarantee-largeThis question is often asked especially as it’s no longer a legal requirement to have a printed prospectus. However I think the real question is ‘Do I create my own school prospectus or commission a professional to do it for me?’

Ultimately it’s quite likely that you’ll want to hand something to prospective parents and students when they come to your open morning/evening and if these same parents and students are visiting other schools too what will they have to remember about you?  Having a professionally designed and printed copy of your prospectus on thier coffee table is a real bonus!

In general we are very aware of Image & Branding and first impressions count, just having a beautifully designed prospectus alone isn’t enough there’ll be other things that are equally as important but the only two things that a parent will take away with them is their first impression of your school and your prospectus.

It costs less than you may think and worth more that many people realise. Primary School Prospectus costs can be found here…. and Secondary School Prospectus costs can be found here…